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Sarubi, sur la route de Jalalabad, Afghanistan, février 2004
Sarubi, sur la route de Jalalabad, Afghanistan, février 2004
Dans la province de Bamiyan, Afghanistan, octobre 2004
Dans la province de Bamiyan, Afghanistan, octobre 2004

Les éditions Black Rose Book viennent de publier “Afghanistan and Canada. Is there an Alternatives to the War” un recueil d’articles sous la direction de Lucia Kowaluk et Steven Staples. Un livre auquel j’ai participé avec une série de photographies tirée de mes différents voyages dans le pays entre les années 2003 et 2007.

(Je profite de ce blogue pour corriger deux des légendes qui accompagnent les photographies.)

Voici la table des matières :

Afghanistan and Canada
Is There An Alternative To The War?

Lucia Kowaluk and Steven Staples, editors

Canada has steadily increased its military involvement, but just what is the mission, and where might we end up next?

Table of Contents

Introduction by Lucia Kowaluk and Steven Staples, editors

Photographs essay by Dominic Morissette


Canada in Afghanistan ‘a well-intentioned atrocity’ by Michael Neuman

War-fighting role in Afghanistan betrays Canadian Values by Murray Dobbin

Harper is Happy to turn Canada from Peacemaker to War-maker by Murray Dobbin

Putting an End to the ‘Great War for Civilization’ by D’Abord Solidaires


What is Canada Promoting in Afghanistan ? a brief history of its role by John W.Warnock

Afghanistan: Mirage of the Good War by Tariq Ali

Canada’s Role in the Occupation of Afghanistan by Echec a la Guerre


How much is this War Costing Canadians ? by Steven Staples

The Challenges to Aid: Humanitarian and Development work in the ‘War on Terror’ by Stephen Cornish

Afghan Torture Furor Shows How Canada Kowtows to the U.S. by Linda McQuaig

No Life Like It: The PR Battles of the Canadian Military by Ira Basen

Is the War in Afghanistan Legal? by Ligue des droits et libertes

Finally We Know Why Canada is War-fighting in Khandahar by Richard Preston


The Role of Women in Building Afghan Society by Cheshmak Farhoumand-Sims

An Interview with Afghan MP Malalai Joya by Asad Ismi

A Visit to a Pashtun Village by Rosemary Whalley


Afghanistan as a Natural Gas Pipeline Route by John Foster

A Pipeline Through a Troubled Land: Afghanistan,Canada, and the New Great Energy Game by John Foster


What Has Happened to Canada’s Honourable Role as a Peace-Keeping Nation ? by A.Walter Dorn

Canada and the Crisis in Afghanistan by Pierre Beaudet

Afghanistan: a disastrous situation by Claude Castonguay

An Alternative to the Manley Preston by Richard Preston

Back to the ‘Peace’ in Peace-building: an old/new role for Canada by Peggy Mason

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